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Quality control by artificial vision 


General information

As a customer, we have had the leading Chemical Company in the world. Their portfolio products include items for basic chemistry, plastic and finished products as well as agricultural products and fine chemical, oil and natural gas. 

The companies of this group in Spain manufacture chemicals to help theirs customers in almost any industry sector, either on the interior market and abroad. Now, BASF sells in Spain their extensive range of products trough six companies and a joint venture, which employs more than 2,000 staff. Five of them have own production. 


Our customer has grown significantly since their inception, considering that the Tarragona plants  is the largest production center in Spain. It has six manufacturing plants and work on it more than 700 people. The manufacturing processes and quality continually evolve to match market needs.  BASF expands their facilities to respond productive demand without ignoring the high quality requeriments of the sector. 

The solution

AIS Vision Systems installed a quality control system by artificial vision which inspect the container-plug assembly for each bottle that travels on the line caps applied. This system provides a thorough quality control on the capping of containers, measuring the depth of the screw with an accuracy of 0.2 mm and the inclination angle thereof. Moreover, the system successfully detects errors in 18 different references about color and size.

The solution allows to operators and administrators, provided with access by keyword, generate a large number of templates for different packaging formats/existing caps at the time of installation. The application of artificial vision developed privides the necessary tools to set and/or modify each routine inspection, and to save and load routines. 

The complete solution includes a Datalogic T25 Camera with Opto-Engineering telecentric lens that reduces the natural distorsion of the camera-lens system, and a infrared lighting Smart Vision Lights to avoid unwanted effects due to other existing light sources on the ground. 

Datalogic Smart Camera T25 is a real-time processor that captures images, analyzes and provides exact to PLC line results. Programming tools Datalogic Impact and extensive knowledge of the same by the AIS Vision Systems engineers allow the creation of accurate solutions with a total capacity machine vision. Thus, the maximum benefit is offered in image processing in a vision system fully integrated. 

This comprehensive machine vision solution has been developed and installed by AIS Vision Systems attending to customer needs, anticipating all the important elements for the analysis of the project and carefully choosing all hardware that compose it. 

Again, AIS Vision Systems becomes a reliable partner and the best ally in quality control in the most demanding industries. 

"Thanks to the experience of AIS group and the quality of Datalogic products, we have managed to offer to our customer a complete solution to guarantees the quality of their capping bottles, minimizes the time reprocessing of erroneus packaging and increases customer satisfaction".

Jose Racionero, Managing Director - AIS Vision Systems

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