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Quality control in printing labels in Livcer


General information

Livcer is a family company established in 1988 located in Paris, France. Initially specialised in flexographic printing, in 1991 satrted to work in the field of packaging for the pharmaceutical sector. Livcer specializes in innovation in the health and beauty market, in addition to the production of packaging and printing labels for the pharmaceutical industry. 

Being a family business, Livcer maintains a sense of closeness with their customers, and good reactivity to be able to adapt quickly and efficiently to the demands of their customers. In addition, the quality is the most value because since 2012 get the ISO 15378 Certification (for printing multilayer flexible film packaging material, applied to pharmaceutical packaging) and ISO 22716 Certification (for packaging cosmetc samples). 


Because their products are very valuable, and that the efectiveness and qualities of these must be preserced, Livcer give a real importance to the maintenance of hygiene standards, safety and protection at every stage of manufacturing. 

To continue accomplishing their goals and demands of the market, considering that the pharmaceutical industry is their priority, have choosen AIS Vision Systems, specialist inprojects related to quality control of labeling printing and artificial vision, to ensure these demands.

The solution 

In Livcer have a simple, scalable and high quality technology because the flexographic printing process allows improved responsiveness, significantly reducing the time of printing. Flexographic printing allows to print on a wide range of aluminium brackets, aluminium complex, complex multilayer paper and multilayer PET. 

The LVS®7000 installation by AIS Vision Systems has allowed Livcer remains a pioneer in the market for health and beauty, and provide a response to the demanding pharmaceutical industry. LVS®7000 is a vision systems designed for a quality printing inspection at high speeds. Together with this equipment, LVS®RIMS was installed. Thus, the LVS®7000 works in the pressand and generates an error map is then interpreted by the LVS®RIMS. This process can increase the printer performance of the printer ensures that the errors will be processed later. 

AIS Vision Systems has taken into account the characteristics requirements of our client to continue to have a considered position on the market where it moves, and the needs that must satisfy about their customers, adapting to consumer demands. 


"The trust placed in AIS Vision Systems, where have great desire of innovation and understandingof market trends in terms of quality contro, in printing systems, has given the opportunity to Livcer to adopt a solution to fully accomodate to the needs of their customers".

Eric Permanyer, Vision Engineer- AIS Vision Systems

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