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lvs®7500 external - iso verification barcodes


This compact high-resolution installed before any thermal printer and allows the user to verify according to ISO any 1D or 2D code, make OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and OCV (Optical Character Verification) in variable text and compare with the complete pattern perfect for defects label printing.

This unique solution allows the quality of print 100% of the printed labels and can automatically stop printing to any incident. Among the capacities of LVS®7500 External include: 

  • Reading and Verification ISO/IEC barcodes 1D and 2D. Check 1D and 2D codes according to ISO standards 15415 y 15416. The software displays real-time graph indicating the ISO level and allows the user to see trends in the quality of printing hundreds of labels previously inspected. 
  • Comparison with master label (detection of defects). Identify misprints as biases, stains, registru errors and limited information. Includes a separate sensitivity setting for each field in the inspected label. 

  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR): This module is able to read the characters and return the content. The system can learn any type of  font that comes your way.
  • Optical Character Verification (OCV). Ensures that the quality of the dialed digits reaches the threshold specified by the user. 
  • Numerical Validation. Check the inspected sequence of any numerical series, detects duplicates and errors of sequence and compared to external databases. 

The LVS®7500 installed and calibrated quickly and is provided with an easy setup software, allowing you to inspect labels and codes from the first day. 
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