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MICROSCAN LVS® 9580 - iso verification barcodes


The LVS® INTEGRA 9580 is a gun verifier certified by GS1 that meets strictly with ISO/CEN/ANSI standards. Its ease of use and the ability to verify 1D and 2D codes without any change in the equipment, make it a single device on the market. It it the first device on the market available for reading 1D or 1D&2D, allowing the update for 2D verification in the future if the equipment adquires 1D without any hardware changes. The verification software complies with 21CFR Part 11.

Among the features of INTEGRA 9580 include: 

  • ISO Verification Certified by GS1. Inspect all ISO gettings (ANSI) for 1D and 2D by all existing standards (ISO15416/15416, GS1 General Specifications, French CIP,...).

  • Analysis and detail report. Make a thorough analysis of the code to show exactly where is the problem lies, giving the user the information needed to act on the printing system. The reports are saved in a database for later retrieval/analysis.

  • Advanced Technology. Inspection of high resolution barcode is made possible by a linear camera of 5.0Mp, that allows the reading and analysis of codes with resolution up to 0.10mm (1D) and 0.15mm (2D).

  • Check all existing symbologies. Multiple codes, including any combination of linear, Matrix (as Data Matrix, QR Code and Aztec Code) and linear Stacked (as PDF 417, Micro PDF and composite codes).
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