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lvs® 7000 - Integrated vision system label


The LVS®7000 is the only vision system for flexo presses, offset and digital capable of detecting stains, blemishes, defects, data control control variables, barcodes reading 1D and 2D and ISO verification thereof. The LVS®7000 is a vision system designed to inspect the line quality printing at high speeds. 

The LVS®7000 is a modular system, which means that we can choose which of it services are needed for each particular customer and thus skip unnecessary service charge.

Among its capabilities are:

  • Reading barcodes 1D/2D (validation): The LVS®7000 decodes linear and two-dimensional codes (including Data Matrix ECC200, Composite, QR Code, PDF-417 and Micro PDF, etc.) and determines wheteher or not the code is readable. This module does not check the code according to the standard (see Verification code module).

  • ISO/IEC Verification 1D/2D barcode: The LVS®7000 can also verify 1D and 2D symbols according to ISO standards 15415 and 15416.

  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR): The OCR module verifies that the content and the character string matches with that expressed by the user. The system can learn any type of font that comes your way.

  • Optical Character Verification (OCV): The OCV module verifies that the content and the character string matches with that expressed by the user, in addition to the print quality of each character.

  • Detection of imperfection (compared to master label): This module allows the detection of many print defects, both excess and default.
  • Health Check barcode 1D and 2D: This option is enabled if it is intented to verify codes but is using a color camera or lighting involving not strictly obey the standards of ISO verification.

  • Delta E Color inspection: Detecting changes by Delta E color technology allows detection of any deviation in the composition of colors of their labels regarding a master label. Multiple sectors can be used on each label for different colors.

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