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Impact Software Suite, with more than 120 tools and controls software, allows you to create unic inspections programs and develops user interfaces quickly and easyly. All this is possible without loss os functionality, as with traditional systems configuration or the need for prolonged time development as traditional contexts SKD. It is a software for many applications. 

Advantages of Impact Software Suite are: 

  • Graphical user interface based on drag and drop - no programming required
  • Flow logic tree diagram easy to understand
  • Tools guide to user to adjust through configuration tools step by step
  • Includes user interface and inspection well as a user interface runtime
  • It works on all platforms vision processors and smart cameras
  • It provides full manual control or programmed hardware configurations
  • It provides camera parameter changes in real time
  • It controls and displays images and data from multiple smart cameras and vision processors
  • The password protection allows only authorized user to make changes

Software applications for machine vision can be diverse, including:


  • Image filtering
  • Location
  • Defect detection
  • Calibrated
  • Data and communication
  • Read codes
  • Color


  • Control images
  • Inspection of outcome data
  • Support GUI development
  • Advanced
  • Communications
  • Security controls
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