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Machine Vision


Machine Vision technologies can be applied in a number of different applications. Machine Vision systems help companies improving product quality, eliminate production errors, lower manufacturing costs and exceed customer expectations at an affordable price. AIS Vision Systems provides comprehensive services in Machine Vision systems for quality control, fault detection, positioning parts, industrial metrology or robot guiding, among others.

AIS Vision Systems develops machine vision systems based on smart cameras or vision processors to improve product quality and increase productivity. AIS' Machine Vision systems will help your organization at:

· Eliminate defects with vision, you can 100% inspect  your products, and ensure that your products are error free.
· Quality is improved - 
sample testing can be replaced by 100% inspection.
· Automate production
 Machine Vision enables efficient use of manufacturing lines by allowing production equipment the ability to automatically locate and identify items.

Machine Vision systems provide the most reliable visual inspection results with the added benefits of inspecting in dirty, rough, industrial and hazardous environments that may not be safe for human inspections.

· Track and identify parts Vision can be used to automate tracking of parts and products by reading 1D and 2D barcodes.

· Cost Reductions  Using vision can dramatically reduce waste by detecting process errors early.

Machine vision  is a general term for using software, microprocessor systems and cameras to inspect manufactured products or other inspection criteria in industry.  Some computer vision systems may have only a computer or camera but a machine vision system normally integrates into a process where various industrial interface standards can be used.  You can consider Machine vision as a subset of industrial imaging  and uses the fields of optics, vision illumination, mechanical , electrical , data communication , software engineering , image processing and machine physics.

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