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Color Detection


Measurement and control of product color is critical in many industries, including food, pharmaceutical, and automotive assembly. Color machine vision systems are replacing slow and unreliable human vision for inspecting colored objects, such as food or plastic parts.

Many color-verification systems match the color contained within images to a predefined color. Determining the extent of color control needed in the system depends upon the application and how the tools are applied. If a part simply needs to be verified as red and the system need not analyze the exact color composition, strict controls may not be needed. However, if a machine-vision system needs to ascertain that the red exactly matches a defined pantone color, the system may benefit from white-balancing and color calibration. Special attention should also be given to control even minor color shifts that are the result of aging lights, temperature, and ambient lighting conditions.

AIS Vision Systems has developped and installed a wide range of applications for color control. We take care of the design, install, and commission of our control systems for a liquid bottling system and other purposes.

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