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Field verification of barcodes is extensive and highly technical. There are two main standards recommended verification by EAN/UCC, ISO method and GS1. The standards ISO/IEC-14515/15416 and General Specifications include the measures necessary to determine the quality of a barcode 1D or 2D and ISO/IEC-15426 standard establishes the requirements that ISO verifier have to accomplish so that the results are valid. The GS1-128 standard is used to identify the different areas of a barcode and uses Application Identifiers internationally unified. 

Verification ISO standards are recognized and used universally, ensuring a perfect homogeneity of verification method barcodes between business trading partners, without any ambiguities or disagreements between them, avoiding penalties or claims by the client. 

IN AIS Vision Systems we specialized in ISO quality verification of printed barcodes. AIS supplied only devices certified by GS1 (Aecoc) and comply with the regulations ISO/IEC-15416 and therefore deliver an accurate and standarized information and ensure compliance with FDA regulations, UDI, FMD, French CIP and other rules and organizations. 

From AIS Vision Systems we can guarantee error detection and classification of the same 100% secure in your printed products. Also you can increase with inspection systems of AIS Vision Systems the security processes and productivity and strengthen its competitiveness in the global market. AIS Vision Systems provides inspection solutions for all types of products. 

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