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ISO verification offline


The purpose of ISO verification is to analyze code parameters that could affect their reading by any scanner on the market. From this analysis, the ISO verifier provides an assessment by a note. If the note is low, greater is the probability that the symbol is not legible on the first try on some players in the market. 

The note or gegree ISO are offered by CEN and ANSI notations. By CEN nomenclature, is possible values range from 0.0 - 4.0, 4.0 being the degree perfect code. By ANSI nomenclature the result is shown with letters A, B, C, D and F, also from best to worst quality level. 

The AIS Vision Systems engineers have work for years with verification standards barcode and this area has become more valuable in our specialty. We work with the world's leading manufacturer of verification, Label Vision Systems. Verification systems LVS® meet ISO specifications and code verifiers 1D and 2D Data Matrix, rigorously meet quality specifications and symbology ISO/CEN/ANSI and are the only ones in the world with GS1 Certification (Aecoc)

Thanks to the verification equipment LVS® and oru team of highly qualified engineers your codes will be in good hands. 

Feel free to send samples of your barcode so we can help you solve possible problems and ensure quality. 

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