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AIS Vision Systems. Engineering peace of mind.

Handheld readers


AIS VIsion Systems supplies and supports the full range of barcode readers of Datalogic; offers a large selection of handheld readers and presentation for connecting directly to PC, laptop or data terminal. 

The wide range of general purpose handheld readers offers to the users several options for data collection activities. The sets of products include conventional laser technology image, linear or area, plus a range of functions that match the specific needs of scanning. 

The industrial handhels readers PowerScan of Datalogic are an example of unsurpassable strength and durability in the data collection. These products, often imitated by unique, are exceptional in their outstanding performance and unbreakable confidence. 

AIS Vision Systems offers the most advanced technology available for reading 1D barcodes and 2D Data Matrix codes. These devices provide the most advencad solutions that are available to read any type of barcode symbology, at any time, with unsurpassed read rates. 

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